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Acrobat Ants

Size: 3mm  |  Colour: black, sometimes light brown

These ants are found in very tight areas such as wall or ceiling voids. Their abdomen (tail section of ant) is shaped like a heart. These ants will typically be in high numbers and treatments are very similar to that of the carpenter ant. The most common signs of evidence are travelling lines of ants and debris being pushed out from ceiling or wall voids. The debris is usually a mixture of dirt, dead ant parts or small bits of sawdust.

Carpenter Ants

Size: 6 - 25mm  |  Colour: These ants are commonly all black, but can have a red thorax (the midsection of ant).

Carpenter ants can live both in and out of doors. Typically they prefer moist areas of wood but have been found in many other locations such as styrofoam or blown insulation. Locations of colonies also vary and can be anywhere from an old tree stump in your yard to a window or door frame, ceilings and wall voids. The most common signs of an infestation is a steady movement of ants around the interior/exterior of your building, sawdust piles or the sound of chewing. Flying ants are another good indication of a problem. This usually means the problem is quite advanced and has been there for a few years. Typically these ants will swarm in July then disappear, however, this can happen when the temperatures are quite warm for long periods.

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